Bluetooth Problems in Stock Firmware

I'm always surprised at the quality of the Bluetooth software in some phones. Some recent examples:

OnePlus 2: Phone Book Transfer

A few weeks ago I noticed that sales of my phone book app rose sharply. It wasn't too hard to find the reason: the PBAP implementation in the OnePlus 2 firmware is a total mess. I did not yet check the basic cause of the malfunction, my PC program which I use to test my app reports some low level problem. I cannot understand how this can happen. The PBAP implementation is available in source in the AOSP tree, and it already did work better! How could it get worse? 

Google Nexus 5X: rSAP 

Good news: the Nexus 5X supports rSAP! The bad news: it works only once, then you have to reboot your phone... To be fair, this is the first implementation of rSAP in a Google phone. But I cannot understand how a new feature could be added obviously untested. 

Samsung Galaxy S6: rSAP 

I finally switched to an S6 Edge because it is simply the most beautiful phone available today. Since the S6 already supports rSAP with it's stock ROM and there are no custom ROMs available, I didn't see much sense in porting my app to it.

Of course I immediately paired the S6 with my VW Premium phone and it worked. So far so good. Soon I found out that the connection takes really long (more than a minute) which I didn't remember from my Sony Xperia Z3. So I checked what would be necessary to run my app on the S6 and luckily it wasn't much. Guess what? With my app the phone connects in a few seconds. I checked the HCI logs with the Samsung rSAP and it looks like large packages get corrupted. It is very nice of the VW phone that it handles the invalid data gracefully. I remember I saw similar problems in the phone book transfer of earlier Samsung phones. Did nobody at Samsung ever notice it? 

No wonder that Bluetooth has such a bad reputation... 

P.S. The rSAP installer app with Samsung Galaxy S6 support will be available soon.