Audi Phone Option Confusion

Audi always made a really bad job explaining their rSAP Bluetooth option. First it was called "car phone", later "Audi connect", outside of Germany it was called "Bluetooth high". But a recent A3 with "Audi connect" still will not support rSAP... 
With the new A6 Audi made things even worse: an A6 with "Audi connect" does not support rSAP! You need a separate SIM card for data access and you can not make phone calls with this SIM card! For rSAP you need the "Audi Phone Box". Don't ask me if rSAP also works without "Audi connect" or if it's possible to use the "connect" services via rSAP. Beware: an A3 with "Audi connect" and "Audi Phone Box" still doesn't support rSAP! 
VW was better from the beginning: if you ordered the "Premium" phone, you had rSAP, and later WiFi hotspot, Google Earth, Real Time Traffic Information, etc. 
Wait... VW's "Premium" phone is now called "Business"...? WTF?? 
The new A4 has the same options as the A6, and it says that you need "Audi connect" and "Audi Phone Box" to make phone calls and to use the "connect" services via rSAP. I hope this is valid for the A6, too...